These are the YouTube channels that have earned the most money in history

These are the YouTube channels that have earned the most money in history

About a decade ago, when we began to hear the word ‘youtuber’ for the first time, it was almost impossible to imagine that someone could make a living uploading silly videos or playing on the console. In conservative calculations published by Business Insider , in Spain alone at the beginning of 2022 there were some 7,500 people who lived from their streams , perhaps a few hundred who earned a very considerable amount and a couple of dozen who could be considered millionaires . And YouTube has a lot of weight in that individual wealth.

Almost all of the Spanish youtubers who are among the elite today admit that they started in this without the intention of earning a salary, although things changed when Willyrex discovered that he could effectively monetize his videos through third parties , and later with his own agreements. Word of mouth led that generation of creators to take advantage of their hobbies, to the point that many of them gave up everything in their more traditional careers for the sake of uploading videos. Some of them did extraordinarily well.

With YouTube as one of the most popular sources of information among young people (1 in 4 turn to the platform to find out what’s going on in the world), and with a much greater distribution of benefits than what tiktokers do, for example, The most successful on that platform have pocketed between 100 and 270 million euros . Almost nothing

This is confirmed by a Cashnet USA study , which takes as its starting point what has been paid on YouTube for every 1,000 views. According to his estimates, the most successful channel in the world is that of Cocomelon , with its lullabies and content for babies, which has added 145 million followers and some 267 million euros in advertising revenue. In fact, there are many channels dedicated to children that add up to astronomical figures.

Cashnet is the same company that in 2020 calculated Auronplay’s income at just over a million euros a year within Twitch, something that the streamer said was “fell short.” Wow, the individual agreements of youtubers are not easy to decipher, and the same earn more than what this list says .

Regarding content creators, Cashnet discriminates by country and in Andorra it points to Tri-Line as the most successful. It refers to people born in that country, not to residents , and it calculates almost 3.5 million euros just for youtuber benefits. It is almost ten times less than what the gigantic Vegetta adds , which leaves Willyrex or Rubius behind (by far).

It is necessary to remember that in almost no case is YouTube the only source of income for the creators who publish there, since advertising agreements tend to be succulent bites of money. However, seeing how well Vegetta is doing perfectly explains why he is so comfortable without going through Twitch .

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